When you think of the perfect gift for that special woman in your life, chances are the idea of jewelry pops into your head. Why? Because jewelry is meaningful. When a woman puts on a piece of jewelry that was given as a gift, she is reminded of that person and memory instantly. Jewelry is not only something that is treasured by the woman that it is given to, but often times it is something that gets passed through families, too.


If you’re looking to buy that perfect piece of jewelry for a special woman in your life, consider these six things first to ensure you are doing everything right.


  1. Think of the Occasion. Why do you want to buy her a piece of jewelry? Are you celebrating an anniversary? Proposing? Are you giving a gift to a friend or relative for a birthday or holiday? Who and why should be two questions you ask yourself before making any purchase. The perfect gift for one woman isn’t going to be the perfect gift for another. While a diamond bracelet might be just right for your girlfriend, it would be inappropriate for your secretary.


  1. Think of What She Wears. Being observant about her personal style will help you buy the right piece of jewelry. Does she wear casual clothes most of the time? A flashy piece of statement jewelry might not be the right pick. Does she love to shop at vintage stores? Consider looking for a vintage piece of jewelry rather than buying something new at the store. It’s also good to look at what type of jewelry she wears. If she is always wearing bracelets, but you don’t often see her with earrings, chances are it’s not because she doesn’t have any earrings - it’s because she doesn’t like wearing them.


  1. Pick Up on Clues. Very few women will say exactly what they want, but they will give clues. Pay attention when you are talking or watching television. Does she ask for your opinion on a certain style? Does she pay special attention to a specific commercial? Does she turn down pages in magazines of things she likes? Chances are that if you start looking for clues about what type of jewelry to buy her, you’ll find them.


  1. Do Some Browsing. While it can be easy to be impulsive when it comes to shopping for jewelry, try not to buy the first thing you see - unless of course, you know that it’s exactly what she wants. But, even if you know specifically what you want to buy her, it’s still a good idea to look around to make sure you are getting the best deal and from the best source.


  1. Take Her Shopping. Want to be sure you’re getting just the right thing? Take her shopping. No, that doesn’t mean your gift won’t be a surprise. Instead, plan an outing or a date and suggest that you go into a specific store or accompany her to some of her favorites. Look at what she is looking at and ask her what she likes. Doing this will help to ensure that you get something she will absolutely love. Bonus: She’ll love spending time with you, too!


  1. Consider the Story. Because jewelry is something that is kept by most women for a very long time, it’s a good idea to buy something that has a story. While it’s true that most women will simply appreciate the gesture of a nice gift, if you can buy something that has a story behind it, you will ensure that she will treasure it - and you - for a very long time.


Buying jewelry for a woman in your life is always a special occasion. By considering these six things, you will help to ensure that you choose something that she will truly love.