Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry that you just loved and couldn’t figure out exactly why you were drawn to it? Different gemstones carry different energies and have different meanings, which make you drawn to some more than others. By simply wearing a certain kind of gem, you can completely change your mood.


Most people know that each month of the year has its own specific gemstone, but the meaning of each color and stone goes much deeper than just random dates on a calendar.


Below are the twelve most common birthstones and what they mean…


Alexandrite: A birthstone for the month of June, Alexandrite’s color-changing qualities attract those who are intrigued by magic. The magic behind this stone is that it’s said to heighten intuitive powers, promote creative thinking, and pique the imagination.


Amethyst: February’s birthstone, Amethyst has been believed for centuries to help whoever wears it to think clearly under pressure.


Aquamarine: The birthstone for those born in March, Aquamarine represents youth and optimism. Believed to be an embodiment of eternal life, this stunning blue stone is believed to ensure that marriages will be smooth sailing.


Diamond: The month of April boasts one of the world’s most prized stones, believed to be the ultimate symbol of eternal love and commitment.


Emerald: May’s birthstone is recognized as a helpful tool to improve fertility. It’s bright green color symbolizes both rebirth and eternal youth.


Garnet: Those born in January often claim the Garnet as their birthstone. Unlike many of the other birthstones, Garnet can come in a variety of colors. Among the many meanings of this stone, it is believed that Garnet protects you from nightmares and bad luck.


Opal: October’s birthstone is unique because no two stones are ever the same. As such, the Opal represents individuality and celebrates the uniqueness of the one who wears it.


Peridot: August’s birthstone, giving the gift of Peridot is believed to transfer both magical powers and the ability to heal. It is said that those who wear Peridot will have great influence over others.


Ruby: The month of July has the Ruby, a stone of good fortune. This deep red stone also represents passionate love and bravery.


Sapphire: September’s birthstone, the Sapphire symbolizes a commitment to honesty, trust, and loyalty.


Tanzanite: Only found in one place in the entire world, December’s birthstone is believed to be truly magical. Tanzanite is thought to aid deep meditation and is considered one of the most helpful stones for boosting psychic powers.


Topaz: Believed by ancient Romans and Egyptians to protect and heal those who wear it, November’s birthstone comes in several different colors, the naturally occurring blue to be the rarest.


While different stones are associated with different months, that shouldn’t stop you from wearing your favorite. Is one of the stones speaking to you more than another? That might be a sign that you need it in your life to help you along your journey.